The ‘Active Travel Mullingar’ project

The ‘Active Travel Mullingar’ project is made up of 2 separate funded projects, which are being led by Westmeath County Council in partnership with Westmeath Sports Partnership Ltd, the HSE and Waterways Ireland.

1. Mullingar Cycle Network Project

This project will deliver 20k of cycle lanes in Mullingar and environs and is progressing under the Greener Routes Strategy and part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The vision is to establish Mullingar as a sustainable movement centre, using best practice principles with a view to promoting ‘Green Routes’ to achieve sustainable growth both economically and physically thereby promoting safe travel, improving health and increasing tourism in the greater mullingar area.

2. Smarter Travel Mullingar Project

Under the Smarter Travel Project fund part funded by the Department of Transport, this project collaborates with Westmeath Sports Partnership Ltd., and the HSE, seeks to provide cycling and walking infrastructure, utilising the Royal Canal townpaths around Mullingar town, to encourage commuters to mpark their cars on the outskirts of the town and either walk or cycle to mtheir destination. Both projects aim to increase recreational cycling and walking in the Mullingar area and will involve implementing numerous measures. Bike Shelters and bike parking facilities will be available at strategic points within the town including primary and secondary schools. There will be also Cycle safe, walking and health education within local mcommunities, primary schools and secondary schools.

As part of the overall‚ ‘Active Travel Mullingar’ project there will also be a dedicated webpage which will provide information on active travel planning to any facility within the ‘Active Travel Mullingar’ project. It will also promote the health benefits of walking and cycling, show bike maintenances tips, CO2 calculators,etc.



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