About the Scheme

Being active is good for everybody

The “Active Travel Mullingar” project is a Westmeath County Council led initiative in partnership with Westmeath Sports Partnership Ltd. and Waterways Ireland. The project is all about getting the people of Mullingar cycling and walking. As well as being good for the environment, cycling and walking are good for the body and mind. Regular exercise can help counter heart disease, obesity, and mental health and can also increase academic results. Cycling and walking also reduce congestion in our town and the more people who cycle the safer it becomes to cycle. In studies across the world it has been shown that when cycle use doubles, the risk of injury per cyclist falls by 35% to 40%. If we can increase the number of cyclists on our streets it will be safer to cycle for all.

Infrastructure for the Active Travel Mullingar project is being put in place by Westmeath County Council to make Mullingar a great town to either cycle or walk in. The education programme , being undertaken by Westmeath Sports Partnership Ltd, delivers cycling and walking education to primary, secondary schools and adults. We hope by using a dual approach in creating the infrastructure (cycle lanes, canal cycle/walking paths, and bike shelters) and delivering education and awareness programmes people of all ages will leave the car behind and get walking or cycling.

Active Travel Mullingar is a project to inspire and encourage everyone to get active and to cycle or walk where possible and you should take the opportunities that are there. We have a full list of the cycling and walking routes available in and around the town for download on the site. We also provide training for primary and secondary school students and there is the opportunity for adults to refresh their cycling skills and gain confidence in cycling through the town centre.

Sustainable Transport Solutions

The promotion of Sustainable Transport solutions, including clean transport modes is a key component of the National Development Plan (NDP).

Investment in green transport corridors for walking and cycling is one of its key transport goals. The achievement of such goals is critical, if Ireland is to meet its international obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Westmeath County Council is proactively seeking to deliver a long-term strategy for sustainable movement in Mullingar based on a Green Route Strategy and Smarter Travel Policy.

This strategy seeks to reduce pressure on the environment and to offer alternatives to travelling by car, promoting safe travel, improving health and increasing tourism.


  1. Active Travel Brochure (4MB |PDF)