Primary School Programme

Primary Schools

  • Children Cycling

    One hour in class theory

  • Four hours practical training on the bike
  • Certified Level 2 competency award
  • Presentation of safety equipment to those who pass

This training will:

  • Encourage and develop safe cycling skills
  • Develop positive attitudes towards road use
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of road and traffic environments
  • Give trainees the confidence to use their bicycles on local roads

Level 1

In Class Theory session, plus 4 modules based in the School Playground

  • Module 1: Bicycle Maintenance
  • Module 2: Roadcraft & Rules
  • Module 3: Road Hazards & Cycle Control
  • Module 4: Communications & Road Signs

Level 2

This is the practical part of the programme and takes place in the play ground, so remember to wear proper clothing as the weather may be cold , wet, or sunny!! We will supply bicycles, helmets and bibs, but bring your own if you wish.

Level 2 Content

  • Simple Bike (M) Check
  • Starting, Stopping
  • Braking
  • Manoeuvring
  • Awareness
  • Signalling
  • Handling & Control

On the last day of the program there will be a group cycle along the local road network using cycle lanes and cycle towpaths. Only children who have shown competency will be eligible to do this route.