Walking has fantastic health benefits

Walking is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels and can be done almost anywhere. It is a simple form of physical activity that people can do without even realising that they are exercising. Walking is the most common form of physical activity. If matched with healthy eating and drinking plenty of water individuals can loose weight and gain clearer skin. Walking can be used for many different reasons other than exercise, be it a chance to be socially active, get out and about with your friends or family, used as a method of transport/travel or even just to get out on your own for a nice refreshing and relaxing walk.

Walking is an inexpensive form of physical activity and walking counts towards your 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity.  Once you can achieve at least 30 minutes brisk walking five days a week, you get even fitter and gain even greater health benefits by gradually building towards 60 minutes.

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Walk to school

Walk to school

There are lots of good reasons to choose to walk to school as an alternative to the car:

  • Benefits your child’s health, as walking is a good form of exercise
  • Improves alertness and the ability to concentrate in the classroom
  • Reduces pollution and congestion
  • The journey to school is a great time to talk with your children
  • Promotes children’s road safety awareness
  • Children who walk to school are more aware of their neighbourhood
  • Develops confidence and independence and encourages socialisation as older children enjoy the freedom of being with their friends

Do Try and Walk. Together we are making a difference.